After 30 years of chronic pain, yes 30 years, and seeing multiple doctors (neurologists, rheumatologists, psychiatrists, internal medicine specialists, chiropractors), it is not lightly said that Dr Bob Iannace of Summerville Chiropractic changed my life dramatically. I went to see him with a large degree of skepticism since other chiropractors had provided only mild temporary neck pain relief. I was quite surprised when Dr Bob took the time to actually listen to my issues, review the radiographs with me in detail, and determine the cause of my nearly lifelong neck pain as a misaligned atlas (first cervical vertebra). I was already aware of this, but no chiropractor or medical doctor had ever offered a specific effective treatment. Then with a single little-known manipulation of my atlas, Dr Bob CHANGED MY LIFE IMMEDIATELY. 90% pain free immediately! I am also in the medical field and have to wonder why no one else figured this out in 30 years. Dr Bob is a compassionate, intelligent, skilled, knowledgeable and talented chiropractor. And bonus, a sense of humor. If I could give him 10 stars I would. If you have chronic neck, back, or limb pain…GO SEE HIM NOW!!! Still doing well 3 weeks later. I will be forever grateful to have met him.

Margaret Fowler DVM Summerville, SC January 2018



Hello, my name is Ginny Byrne and feel I must tell my story.  I have been getting excruciating pain in my upper back across my shoulder blade down my arm and into my hand and fingers.  I first went to a general practitioner who gave me muscle relaxants and pain medication.  After taking these meds for two weeks the severe pain returned.  The pain was so bad that I could not lie down to sleep as I could not tolerate the pain from any pressure on my shoulder blade.  I had to sleep sitting up.  When talking with my son in New Jersey he said he had good results from chiropractors and suggested I see one.

When I walked into Dr Bob’s office, to my embarrassment, the tears were streaming down my face from this horrible pain. He took x-rays of my neck, and I thought-- what is he doing?—the pain was in my back and shoulder.  However, he explained to me how the nerves in the neck affect the shoulder, arm and hands.   He proceeded very gently to work on me.

I felt such despair as I thought this is not going to work.  However, I went for a couple more visits then saw a orthopedic surgeon who didn’t even address my neck but  took x-rays of my shoulder and said he didn’t see anything and gave me more meds which didn’t work.  I then saw another upper body orthopedist and he gave me a nerve test that determined what Dr Bob said all along that the pain was coming from my neck. The solution was to give me steroid shots in my neck.   I then decided to go back to Dr. Bob.

I visited Dr. Bob two times a week.  Each week my pain lessoned.  But, honestly I never thought my pain would completely go away.  However, I stuck with my visits and adjustments for about three months. To my surprise and credit to Dr. Bob, I am pain free—no more stiff neck, no pain in my shoulder, arm and hands.  Best, of all I can sleep laying down.  Dr. Bob is a true professional with a warm and friendly personality and he always has the best interests of his patients in mind.

Virginia Byrne  - Goose Creek, SC



I know that testimonials are a bit unbelievable...

Let me assure you that this one is not. IT IS THE TRUTH!
When I came to Dr.Bob I was in the most horrendous pain I have ever felt. I woke up one morning and I could not move a thing. It was like my body froze. The family wanted to take me to the emergency room but I emphatically declined. I in turn insisted on a Chiropractor. So my daughter started the tedious search for one and came across Dr.Bob. I arrived for the appointment and was pleasantly pleased with his demeanor.
1) Dr.Bob actually listened to me instead of telling me where my pain was.(I say that because that has happen to me and I shall not name names)
2) Dr.Bob then proceeds to X-ray to see exactly where and how to reduce my pain.
3) Then he consulted with me on how we are going to fix the problem.
4) Guess what? The problem has since disappeared.
5) I am so much better now doing things that I could not do because of the excruciating pain.
6) Along with the chriopractic care, Dr.Bob is also very inspirational and that is a plus in my book.
7) I recommend Dr.Bob to everyone. He is a BLESSING and I for one am very glad that our paths have crossed.
8) Dr.Bob will remain my Chiropractor because there is no one  better than what he does.
10) Also last but not least, Dr.Bob has the most KINDEST RECEPTIONIST. She welcomes you with a smile and with kind words on every visit.

Connie Singleton   (Summerville)



 When I came to Dr. Bob I had been suffering with migraine headaches for about 10 yrs. I had also been taking 9 medications. Since I have been coming to Dr. Bob I have reduced my meds to only taking 3 and have reduced my number of migraines to about 2 a year (from 3 per month). I also used to get colds, sinus infections and strep throat every year- now it is very rare if I get one! It is great to feel better, be off the meds and be able to live my life to the fullest. I also used to suffer from depression (probably from feeling so bad), no more! Thanks Dr. Bob for making my life worth living again!!!

LCM    (Summerville) Patient since 2004



Dear Dr. Bob,

I just want to tell you that I mowed my backyard about an hour after I returned from your office today. I was in too much pain to do that on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday.

The adjustment to my knee today took away the pain! I still would like another knee adjustment at my appointment on Monday to make sure my knee continues to behave.

Thank you, and have a blessed Easter.

Mary Beth Radcliffe



I had been going to another chiropractor for about two years with limited success. I live right across from Dr. Bob’s place and decided to give him a try. What a blessing that I found him, in less than a week he had my leg pain under control. The few times that it has flared, he has been able to take care of the problem quickly. This past weekend I had a bad problem and he came in to the office TWO times to help me out and once again this old frame is back and running good. Thanks Dr. Bob!!!

Richard Greene (Summerville, SC)



I retired from teaching in 2002 at age fifty after twenty-eight years in the classroom. It didn't take long, however, to realize I missed working. I decided to begin substitute teaching.

I was subbing in a kindergarten class the day my life changed for the worse: February 19, 2009. I was seated in a small kindergarten chair working with a small group. When I stood up, I felt something pop in my right knee. There was no pain. The following day I subbed in a third grade class. By mid-morning, my knee hurt so badly, I was nearly in tears. I watched the clock and looked forward to limping to the bus lot and sending those students home, so I could go home and lie down with a heating pad on my knee. Later I learned it was an ice pack I needed. I called the school and cancelled my jobs for the rest of the month. I was thinking that perhaps the pain would disappear if I stayed off my feet for awhile. It didn't.

March arrived. I had agreed to keep my sister, who suffers from early onset Alzheimers for two weeks. Her husband needed some down time. The knee pain would awaken me at night.

After my husband and I returned from driving my sister home to Georgia,  I finally went to see my family doctor who ordered an X-ray and prescribed pain killers. The X-ray didn't reveal a problem. My doctor sent me to an orthopedic surgeon, who ordered an MRI of my knee. The MRI indicated a tear in my right meniscus. I underwent arthroscopic surgery on April 14th, 2009. I returned to the surgeon two weeks later complaining of pain not just in my knee, but also in the rest of my leg, buttock, hip, and lower right back. I was in bed and couch-ridden. The surgeon assured me it was not because of my knee because he had "fixed" my knee with the surgery.

The orthopedic surgeon ordered an MRI of my spine, which revealed that I had a disk in my lumbar region bulging to the right. Next I was sent to a pain specialist who administered an epidural in a nerve in my spine. The injection relieved the pain for about a week, long enough for my husband and me to go on vacation.

By mid August, I was depressed to the point that I hardly ventured outside my house. Driving and getting in and out of the car were agonizing tasks. Before February 19th, I was accustomed to taking thirty minute walks two or three times a week, riding my bicycle, and gardening. One day I began thinking of my friend/neighbor of 25 years, who had told me several years back that she went to a chiropractor. Betty is my age and moves like a thirty year-old. I rang my friend and asked for her chiropractor's number.

My first appointment was on August 24th, 2009. After X-raying my spine, Dr. Iannace explained his plan for me. He planned to work on me in small increments, spanning twelve visits in four weeks.I am extremely pleased to say that my back pain and hip pain were the first to be alleviated. I can't remember after which visit that occurred, but it was a joyous occasion.

My knee still throbbed when I walked or if I lay down. Dr. Bob, as his patients refer to him, would not allow me to drift into despair. When I suggested that perhaps I needed to see another orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Bob gently patted my hand and reminded me that my twelve visits with him were not over yet.

On September 17, 2009, I walked into Dr. Iannace's office with NO back pain, knee pain, or ANY pain whatsoever in my right leg. I have resumed taking my thirty minute walks, riding my bicycle, working in my yard, and doing all those other activities I enjoyed before February 19th, 2009.

I credit Dr. Robert Iannace as being the one who gave my life back to me. I plan to continue getting adjustments when I feel the need. I must add that Dr. Bob not only relieved my back and leg pain, but he also relieved a tired, dull ache I had in my neck. He provided me with a wealth of knowledge about the spine. He also furnished me with pages of simple exercises I can do at home to strengthen my back muscles and abs. Dr. Bob dramatically improved my sense of well-being. I highly recommend Dr. Iannace to any of my family, friends, and acquaintances. Thank you, Dr. Bob.

I must certainly mention Dr. Bob's receptionist, Sabrina. She is quite knowledgeable about spine health and she handles all calls and office procedures with much grace. She is definitely an asset to Dr. Iannace's practice.

Mary Beth Radcliffe (Sangaree)



I first saw Dr. Bob in November 2010. In two months, the curvature of my neck changed from a Forward Head Position (FHP) and a reversed curve, to one of a normal neck; relaxed and positioned in the correct manner. The change Dr. Bob made in the way I feel is nothing short of phenomenol. I have some moments of tightness between my shoulder blades, but other than that, I am pain free. Dr. Bob made such a dramatic change in how I feel and how I go about my daily routine with nothing more than routine adjustments to my neck and spine. I don't have the vocabulary to appropriately describe how Dr. Bob has changed my life. I can now do whatever I want or need to do free from pain. It may seem unbelievable, but in two short months, I have been transformed from a miserable old hunk of manhood to just an old hunk of manhood. My decision to go to Dr. Bob was one of the two wisest decisions I have made in my life, right behind marrying my wife (the love of my life).
Thanks, Dr. Bob, for the amazing transformation of my body you made possible. I recommend your services and expertise to everyone who is experiencing back/neck pain.

Les Gore (Summerville, SC)



After breast cancer surgery eleven years ago, I endured soreness, aches and pains in my wrist and hand, a pulling sensation in my forearm, and numbness in my upper arm. My husband convinced me to try Dr. Bob when medical doctors did not have an answer to why I was having problems and therefore didn’t have a remedy or solution for me. I was 1 ½ or 2 months into the sessions when one day I squeezed and pinched my arm and to my amazement, felt no pain or numbness at all. I didn’t even realize when it happened but I’m so grateful that it did.

My gratitude goes first and foremost to God for yet another blessing and then to Dr. Bob who used his God given gift and ability to help me when I was resigned to live with my infirmity for the rest of my life. The hardest part of my ordeal was telling my husband he was right in referring me to Dr. Bob.

Goldie M. (Summerville)



When I first went to Dr. Bob, I was looking for answers to questions that nobody could seem to answer. I had a history of migraine headaches and neck pain. I have had multiple CT'S and MRI'S to try to locate the problem. They always came back perfect, but I knew there had to be something causing this discomfort. Since going to Dr. Bob, my headaches have gotten so much better and neck pain is gone. I must admit, I was very nervous because I had never gone to a chiropractor before, but Dr. Bob and his staff are very friendly and make you feel at ease! Thank you Summerville Chiropractic!!!

Tammi McAlhany (St. George)



I came to see Dr. Bob after being on pain meds and muscle relaxers for about 3 weeks because I couldn't raise my left arm (and the PAIN). My hammock had fallen with me in it causing a shooting pain to fire up the left side of my back. Two hours after my X-rays and a thorough adjustment, I could raise my left arm again! Hallelujah!

Also gone are the headaches, menstrual cramps and breast lumps (that could not be treated, only biopsied). I had not come to Dr. Bob for these last three, but during my adjustments to regain full use of my left arm, all these other things went away too.

My grandson had asthma and would have to stay on meds/nebulizer until he was five...until Dr. Bob got to working on the little infant's back. Meds/nebulizer were no longer needed.

Sybil Barnwell (Summerville) Patient since 1992



Over the last 15 years I have taken several falls off my horses. After the first bad fall my lower back became very weak and would go out several times a year rendering me useless. I also developed chronic hip pain and walked with a limp for the last three years. Last Fall my back was so bad I could not stand up straight and walked by shuffling my feet. After several months of adjustments I feel great. My limp is totally gone and my back feels strong again.

Trish Barini (Ladson)



I am 68 years old and have had back pain my entire adult life. Of course falling out of trees as a child, being involved in rear end car crashes, several cracked vertebrae, and a certain neurological condition didn't do my back situation any good either. I saw Dr. Bob a few times a couple of years ago, but due to economic problems I had to quit coming for a while. Believe me when I say this, that was a BIG MISTAKE. Several months ago I developed severe pain in my lower back to the point where I was BARELY able to walklet alone try to work (yes, I am still working). My doctor recommended an MRI on my back that I did in fact do. I was in so much pain that the MRI operator had to stop three times because lying flat on the table was causing EXCRUCIATING pain. I finally managed to get through it by taking two very strong pain pills. The diagnosis was an enlarged and protruding disc in my  back.

Sometime after that I went to a very well known Back and Spine Institute and over a period of time received two shots in my back which helped "some" but was not long lasting (at least for me).

My wife and Dr. Bob will enjoy hearing me say this: Yes, I should have come to you sooner. There, now I have eaten my crow (so to speak)!

Now for the good stuff. I came to see Dr. Bob and probably by the second visit I could tell an APPRECIABLE difference. By the third visit I was truly as right as rain. No more severe pains, I was sleeping a lot better and able to go about my daily activities WITHOUT the use of pain pills.

If you have never tried chiropractic care I most heartily urge you to come to Dr. Bob. I recommend him without reservation. He knows what he is doing and you will be the glad recipient of that knowledge and expertise.

Dr. Bob, we love you.
Keith Jarrett  (St. George, SC)



You have a very nice website & homepage . It's a very informative site and  I , for one, am impressed

Well, I highly recommend Dr. Robert Iannace, as I have been restored back to where I was before my back injury in 1997. I recently was having pain in my left knee & it was hurting me so bad that I was having alot of problems walking. I made my appointment to see him. This was a blessing to me, for I am NOT in any pain any longer.  My lower back has never felt normal since my back injury in 1997. Since seeing Dr. Iannace, I now sleep more restful & have energy to do the things I love to do...without pain! His receptionist, Sabrina, is very polite & very attentive to the patients ... and always smiling !! A very pleasant person I might add !!! I know who I'll be going to for pain from now on !!

Ron Roumillat   (Summerville, SC)



Dear Dr. Iannace,

After spending a mere 30 minutes back on the courts from a 2 year reprieve from tennis, I found myself feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, until I felt the sharp pain the next morning down both of my legs. I could barely walk as we prepared for church. I hurt so badly that my wife Lisa suggested we go to the hospital for an MRI, but we all know what hospitals on Sunday can be like, so I chose you. I left a message on your business answering machine that night of my situation, in hopes of an early morning visit. I then proceeded to whine like most men for the duration of the evening. I have to say, my wife was ready to drop me off on your doorstep as a late Christmas gift, because I was driving her nuts and she was very worried to say the least.

Not only did you see me immediately on Monday morning, but your adjustment made such a difference that I am up the following morning fixing coffee and writing you from my laptop. I have no more pain in my legs and am moving about freely. I am a little sore, but I can deal with that. I just want you to know what a difference you have made, as I am sure in the lives of many others. For anyone who has experienced this type of pain, words are not enough to express the gratitude of feeling healthy again. I am very grateful for what you have done and just wanted you to know.


James B. Waring

Residential Mortgage of SC, LLC (Summerville)




My name is Terry Stringer. I'm a contractor.  i have been suffering with major neck pain for 17yrs. i was seeing a chiropractor for the whole 17yrs, but as time has gone on i noticed i am getting worse, i was suffering with major leg pains and lower back pain. Until recently I never had lower back pain in my life and didn't understand what was going on. I was going every weekend to get prescription pain pills for back pain and at times at the hospital getting morphine shots. I have gone to every place you could go to relieve pain in my spine. My family suffered from my attitude change due to all my pain. I lost the edge to work-out or do anything with my family cause i hurt endlessly.

My wife went to Dr. Bob for her neck pain and headaches and told me 'what do i have to lose' to try him. She was right.

It has now been a month of treatment and i must say i haven't felt this good in 17yrs. i dont need pain pills, i am working out again, my play time with my family is great. Since being adjusted by Dr. Bob the right way, it is my opinion that for 17yrs i have been adjusted the wrong way and it has made my life a living hell.

I want to thank Dr. Bob for giving me my life back and getting me adjusted correctly. I haven't taken a pain pill for a month and i feel like a million bucks. I strongly recommend Dr.Bob to everyone, he is very good at what he does and truly cares.


Terry Stringer (Summerville)

 I have been seeing Dr. Bob for over a year. I had neck and shoulder pain for years. After a few sessions with Dr. Bob I couldn't believe how well I was feeling. He has helped me tremendously to be pain free. I'm now able to move my head right and left without pain. My breathing was restricted in my right nostril for years, but now I'm able to breath freely. Who would have thought a neck adjustment would have corrected a breathing problem? Thanks again Dr. Bob, you are the man!

Allen Webster       Ladson, SC



No need to reply, but I wanted to tell you that you took a good web site and made it even better! You definitely answered the questions/addressed the concerns that I would have had before my first chiro appointment on your home page.

I only need an adjustment a time or two per year, but still consider you an integral part of my wellness maintenance plan. :-)

David Castro    Summerville, SC



When I went to Dr. Bob at the end of the summer last year I could not stand up straight. The pain in my lower back had become chronic and I decided not to pursue the series of shots which releaved the pain for only a year.  Now I was in even worse shape than the year before and the pain had come back more severe and it was constant. 

I heard about Dr. Bob from a friend at work and thought, "What do I have to lose?"  I had been to a chiropractor years before and was pleased with the results so why not try now.

I called and was able to get seen that same day.  Dr. Bob took a few x-rays and discussed my lower back problem with me so I understood what he would be doing.  Obtaining chiropractic care and adopting a suitable form of exercise that would fit into my weekly routine sounded exactly
like what I needed.

After the first adjustment, I felt some relief.  Not all of the pain was gone but if I were to continue with chiropractic care with the amount of relief I felt after just one visit, I knew the end was somewhere down the road.  I didn't walk away the first day standing up straight either. In fact, I remember slouching over as I went to get back in my car thinking ok the pain has dissipated but what about my posture. 

Once I got home I forced myself to walk around the block a few times.  With continuing Dr. Bob's schedule of chiropractic care and exercise at home the Lord has blessed me with little to no lower back pain and a much improved me.

Thank you, Dr. Bob, for your part in my recovery!!

Janet M. Cole  (Goose Creek, SC)